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Stephen Rosin (b.1975) is an award-winning multidisciplinary artist working with ink, beeswax, gunpowder, bullet lead, digital photography and a variety of other unusual mediums.

The winner of the prestigious Barclays Bank L’Atelier award in 2009, Rosin’s artistic practice is characterized by a conceptual approach to socio-political commentary and subtle satire which he achieves through intricate and detailed imagery. His work is held in the Sasol, Telkom, Absa and First National Bank corporate art collections, as well as in the permanent collections of the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum and the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.


Stephen Rosin’s artistic practise is characterised by a conceptual approach to socio-political commentary and subtle satire.

He achieves this through intricate and detailed imagery generated via an eclectic mix of unusual materials and mediums such as gunpowder residue, bullet lead, beeswax, ballpoint pen and folded banknotes, among other things.

The resultant visual experience is one imbued with a court jester-like quality where the viewer may laugh at it all, including themselves.

Rosin’s current work is a tongue-in-cheek reflection on what can only be described as a really strange year indeed. 2020 will undoubtedly go down in history for obvious reasons, the question is how? So much has happened to change our World already that one wonders what’s next?

As such the works included in The Summer Salon show are intended as a deliberation of sorts, on this anomalous time. This bewilderment is best exemplified by the sculptural pieces on the exhibition which take the form of Cat-bird hybrids. What upon first glance appears to be one thing turns out to be something entirely different.

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