The Curator’s Collection Rose 2016 launch


Launched 1 September 2016, the latest addition to the small batch range of wines in The Curator’s Collection is a Rosé from the 2016 vintage made from a blend of 58% Mourvédre and 42% Tannat.

Wafts of pomegranates and cranberries with hints of Turkish delight are welcomed aromas; the palate is refreshing with lashings of cherries and balanced acidity.

It is ideal to sip on its own, share with friends, enjoy on picnics or toast the setting sun. This wine has been paired with our soon to be launched Spring menu starters, Beef Tartare and Chilled Tomato Soup.

There were only 3484 bottles produced and it is available only from the Tasting Room, Restaurant or through the Wine Club for R75 a bottle.

An ideal pairing with the Rosé is Chef Johan Stander’s Chilled tomato soup with tomato gelée, confit tomato, goats cheese and tomato concasse recipe can be viewed below.


Chilled tomato soup with tomato gelée, confit tomato, goats cheese and tomato concasse

Serves 6


For the water:

2kg ripe tomatoes

1 tsp salt

1 sprig of thyme

2 basil leaves

Pulse all the ingredients in a food processor or blender. Strain through a muslin cloth overnight. Be careful not to press the pulp through the cloth at any time. (You can reserve the pulp to use in bolognaise or any tomato based sauce).


For the jelly:

1 cup tomato water

2 leaves gelatine softened in cold water

1/2 yellow tomato concasse

1/2 red tomato concasse

Heat the tomato water but do not boil. Add the softened gelatine leaves and pour into a mould of your choice.  We use a flat square mould.

Set the jelly in the fridge and as the jelly starts to set add the tomato pieces.


For the confit tomato:

6 yellow or red cherry tomatoes, if you can find different colours it would look great.

1 cup olive oil

1 sprig of thyme


In a small sauce pan add the olive oil, thyme and the tomato.

Slow roast for about 15 minutes or until the tomato is just tender.

To plate, arrange the jelly cubes, extra concasse, confit tomato and small dollops of the best goats cheese you can find in the middle of the plate. Pour over the tomato water at the table.

For garnish, little rosemary flowers works best.

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