Go Grand with Glen Carlou Vineyards : Grand Classique paired with potjie


Winemaking, as with food preparation – either in a kitchen or creating a meal in the outdoors under South African skies, is suitably represented by time and change. Often for both wine and food, the sum of the parts is enhanced as the components mingle over time to infuse layered aromatics and flavours blended into the finished product.

Blending a wine is a time-honoured art as the winemaker balances certain elements which results in an individualistic wine. Grand Classique is an example of such a fine expression – a  splendid red wine comprised of the famous 5 (Cabernets Sauvignon and Franc, Merlot, Malbec and Petit Verdot). Glen Carlou’s charismatic and talented cellarmaster, Johnnie Calitz guides the grapes through their journey in the cellar to become this impressive wine. The current release Grand Classique 2018 started its award-winning journey with a Gold Medal at Mundus Vini in Germany, through to Double Gold at Michelangelo and 4 ½ Platter stars.

Grand Classique is not only magnificent for sipping on but certainly a must have for adding deep flavour and a rich body colour to your potjie. As the ingredients advised for a hearty oxtail potjie cover a delectable spread of components – oxtail, fragrant spices, chunky vegetables, and a good red wine. With time taken to cook until tender, fall off the bone perfection.

When it’s time to delight in the meal, uncork Grand Classique and pour into a glass with a wide bowl. The practise of “letting a wine breathe” is somewhat dated as extracting the cork does little to affect the wine at the bottom of the bottle. If needed, properly decant to expose the wine to air. Try stemless stemware for a change.  

And for a cheeky after dinner treat, enjoy the texture of a Danish delight, Lakrids fine Salted Caramel liquorice with the last swirl of wine as you toast friends, near and far.

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