Glen loves sharing the love this Father’s Day

Glen Carlou Father's Day Blog'21

I invite you to join us in sharing a special day at Glen Carlou this Father’ Day – enjoy a long lunch, indulge in your favourite bottle of wine and make a memory with the ones you love.

I realise for some, it will be sharing a meal and opening a special bottle of wine, others might spend the day fishing, watching sport or tinkering in the garden. If you are in the first group (or you want to be), Restaurant @ Glen Carlou in will be open 10am – 5pm with tables still available for Father’s Day lunch. Contact us to book your table on +27 21 875 5528 or email [email protected].

I decided to chat to some of the dads in our company who are incredibly fabulous men who cherish and treasure this precious role. It was clear from the outset that to our team Father’s Day isn’t all about socks, jocks and hardware vouchers.

This tribute is gets us to actively celebrate our love for our fathers by ways of words and actions. Show your dad (and your mom) some love today, tomorrow, and every day. Give him a card. Take him out for dinner. Give him a hug. Share your joy with him. Celebrate the kinship you have together. The messages below gave me the overwhelming sense that dads will really do anything for their kids.

From the good old days of dad, daughter dances – I really enjoyed listening the evolution of a superhero dad whose gift is protection and guidance. And man, he takes this seriously as well.

Behind many great men is a great woman, and one dad at GC cherishes his wife, a true blessing in enabling him to be the father that he is today. All while renewing his gratitude for his own father. It is when his daughters seek his input and affections that he misses his own father most.

A shared sentiment amongst our chaps is the notion of leading by example and instilling in their kids the importance of respecting one another and the light that this can bring society. This is often the more challenging part as our brave dads mould the minds of their youngsters.

And then there is, bless, those excited, enthusiastic expectant dads – thrilled at the prospect of becoming a dad in the coming weeks. I can’t wait to celebrate with them.

Uncle Glens favourite quote of the exercise?

“Being your dad is making you smile when you need it most, and then me smiling when I see you happy.”

Sheesh, this conversation truly tugged at my heart strings.

Cheers to a son’s hero and a daughter’s first love.

The dads in our team are, as the saying goes, like fine wine – they just keep getting better.

– Glen

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