Springbok carpaccio with artichokes and red wine jus


1pkt Springbok Carpaccio (45 g)
1 Whole Marinated Artichoke (tin)
1 Handful Rocket (15 g)
½ Red Onion
Balsamic Dressing
Salt for taste

Ingredients for red wine jus:

1btl Red Wine
120g Sugar

Method for red wine jus:

Cook the red wine in a pot and add sugar, cook until it becomes thicker.


Cut onions into rings.
Throw the rocket and onions together in a bowl add some Balsamic Dressing (5drops), salt for taste and mix it together.
In a plate put two slices of carpaccio and on top, the rocket salad in the middle.
Cut the Artichokes in half and plate it across over the salad.
Splash some Red Wine Jus around the salad and serve.


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