Salmon trout with ginger garlic crust served with seasonal vegetables


250g oak smoked salmon fillet (Vacuum Packed)
1tbsp lemon & herb spice
1tbsp chopped parsley
1tbsp grated ginger
lime gratings of one lemon
2 baby carrot
2 baby corn
3 baby potato
4 fine beans
4 cocktail tomatoes
1 slice of lemon
rocket (handful)
2tbls balsamic vinegar
olive oil
lemon juice
salt for taste

Ingredients for tangy garlic sauce:

100ml cream
1tbsp mustard
2tbsp lemon juice
3tbsp mayonnaise
¼ garlic (chopped)
salt for taste


Preheat oven to 200ºC
Trim the salmon by cutting the side ends, the top and the bottom.
Marinate with lemon & herb spice, parsley, ginger, garlic and lime gratings.
Use side pots and cook the carrots, corn, beans and potatoes.
Put pan on the stove add some olive oil, place fish in pan (skin side first).
Seal the fish off on both sides and splash on some lemon juice.
Put in oven and let it cook for 12min.
While fish is cooking take the cooked vegetables and warm up again, adding some salt for taste.
Put cocktail tomatoes in separate pan and add the balsamic vinegar, cook till soft.

Method for tangy garlic sauce:

Throw all the ingredients together and let it cook for 5 min. (Keep stirring)

Plating (optional):

Put all the vegetables in the centre of the plate, tomatoes as well and place the cooked fish on top.
Throw some garlic sauce over and around the fish for garnish.
Then place handful of rocket on the fish and a lemon slice on top.

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