BMW Art Guide by Independent Collectors

Mr Donald M Hess is listed in the third edition of the BMW Art Guide by Independent Collectors; a handy guide to 236 places worldwide where privately owned art has been made accessible to the public. From cosmopolitan Beijing to the small German town of Überlingen, this book offers readers a full spectrum of the contemporary art world – from its bustling metropolises to its tranquil provinces.

The Hess Art Collection at Glen Carlou is one of three collections listed in this prestigious book.

“I truly believe contemporary art should be made available to the widest possible audience,” Hess says, “and that collectors have a responsibility to make their collections accessible to the public to the best of their ability.” The Hess Art Collection at Glen Carlou is available to the viewing public seven days a week, with no entrance fee. The collection features works by Andy Goldsworthy, Deryck Healey, Ouattara Watts and Alan Rath.


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