Our Glen Carlou Mothers

Glen Carlou Mother Daughter Team

A Celebration of Mothers


Often our mothers are the “behind the scenes” people, making sure that everything works and progresses seamlessly; at Glen Carlou this is no different. The cellar, the kitchen, the vineyard and the office are all filled with extraordinary women. These women are not only an indispensable part of the team, continuously working to uplift and keep Glen Carlou as one of South Africa’s top producers, but are also superhero mothers.

Mothers are special in all families and even more so if we get to have them close. At Glen Carlou, having your mother close by means working alongside her and we are so privileged to not only have one, but four sets of mother-daughter teams as part of the dedicated Glen Carlou family.

Jennifer Fani has been a cleaner at Glen Carlou for more than 15 years. Her daughter, Anathi Fani is a prominent young chef in the kitchen at Glen Carlou and joined the team in 2017 upon the completion of an apprenticeship in the kitchen of Bertus Basson. She is proud to say that she learned her workmanship from watching her mother, adding that her mom’s positive outlook in life has always inspired her.

To Deanay and Vanessa Tauriyo, daughters of esteemed cellar employee Mary-Anne Tauriyo, Glen Carlou is more than a familiar place – it is more like home. With both their parents active members of the Glen Carlou team, their mother – a true cornerstone in the cellar, has been a part of the Glen Carlou family for 22 years. Vanessa works alongside her mother in the cellar, while Deanay runs her own laundry business on the premises. Her perseverance and determination to develop her business was admirable and a concept Glen Carlou management was highly supportive of – today her budding business services the Restaurant @ Glen Carlou. With a smile, Deanay says that her mom taught her that a little hard work can go a long way.

We are proud to not only play witness to the lives of all the families associated with Glen Carlou, but to actively contribute to their stories and futures. It is with pride that we witness children being born into the Glen Carlou family and watch them grow up to be unique contributors to the success of Glen Carlou in the vineyard, cellar and kitchen.

We celebrate these strong women, raising fierce daughters to become significant mothers. We celebrate these women – the mothers which bring Glen Carlou to life!


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