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Dezi Dietrich | Sous-chef

A Journey through the Kitchen


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Dezi Dietrich was appointed as Sous Chef in the kitchen at The Restaurant @ Glen Carlou in November 2017. Although she carries a new title, her friendly face is a familiar one at Glen Carlou.

In 2009 Dezi started her career at Glen Carlou as a cleaner, but with a curious eye she observed everything happening around her in the kitchen. She would often help out with the small things – like cutting the tomatoes for the salad – this sparked a greater interest in food and a willingness to work hard to learn more. With small tasks, hard work and continuous questioning, Dezi worked her way through the kitchen.

The idea of taking separate ingredients and creating  unique flavours and presenting a unified dish is a mesmerising thought and the reason why working with food remains her choice of industry. The menu at The Restaurant @ Glen Carlou is seasonal and changes every three months, thus allowing the team to constantly work on new ideas, new styles of execution and creative flavour pairings that not only highlights the essence of the season, but perfectly complements the Glen Carlou wine collection.

As the years passed, she not only exhibited her passion for food, but also showed dedication to mastering the skill, actively learning each day. Restaurant Manager, Dirk Uys, confidently boasts about her professionalism in the kitchen, never shying away from a challenge while dealing with the pressure of service calmly and eloquently.

When asked about her favourite ingredient to work with, the understated hero – the humble vegetable immediately comes to mind. This diverse ingredient group is one that Dezi has come to love most, partly because it is her children’s favourite thing to eat, but also because of its versatility.

Under the guidance of Chef Johan Stander, she has become familiar with unusual flavour combinations and continues exploring in the search for something “wow”. Currently chocolate and chili intrigues her and it is a combination she looks forward to experimenting with in different manners.

In her nine years at Glen Carlou she has worked with several Chefs, Sous-Chefs, assistants and culinary students and she considers that – the people she has met and worked with- her favourite memories of her time at Glen Carlou thus far.

Her attention to detail and sincere personality has certainly played a role in her appointment as second in charge in the busy Glen Carlou kitchen. We look forward to celebrating her journey and the heights she will reach in this new position.

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