Meet our People: Willie Daniels

Meet our People: Willie Daniels

Meet our people: 10 Questions with Willie Daniels



Oom Willie, as he is known around Glen Carlou, has for the past 13 years been at the very core of Glen Carlou – overseeing every box of wine packed, shipped and distributed from Glen Carlou. Although not often seen outside of the cellar and warehouse, he is constantly motivated by and ensuring that our clients are happy.

He loves travelling, gardening and spending time working wood, get to know him better in these 10 questions.


1) What is your position at Glen Carlou?

Warehouse Manager

2) What is your favourite Glen Carlou wine?

The Classic Chardonnay

3) What do you love most about your job as Warehouse Manager at Glen Carlou?

That feeling – the satisfaction, when a big order or container is packed, completed and shipped and everyone is happy. Also, working with a strong team where we can thrive off each other’s happiness and spirit is very encouraging.

4) If you could do it all over and could be anything, what career would you have chosen?

Perhaps a civil engineer – I love to develop, build, test, break down, adjust and build again – the entire process is very fascinating and I would have enjoyed doing that for a career.

5) What are you looking forward to most in your upcoming retirement?

The luxury of time – taking it slower in a fast-paced life.

6) What do you like to do in your free time?

Gardening, woodwork and visiting friends and family.

7) We know that woodwork is a hobby you love to spend time on, what is your favourite piece you have made or worked on?

My favourite piece is an intricate little telephone table which I made many years ago, I also enjoy restoring pieces. I would love to make a couch for the porch – I think that will be an interesting project to work on.

8) If you could travel to any destination, where would you go and why?

Definitely somewhere ‘wild’ – a nature or game reserve. I love nature and the tranquillity thereof.

But my favourite holiday destination remains a ‘beach’ holiday, somewhere really close to the ocean.

9) What is the one thing not many people know about you?

When I was young, I was a trumpet player in the youth brigade.

10) Any advice for the next generation following in your footsteps?

Follow your dreams! Make something of your life and be passionate about it so that you can do something you can be proud of and be someone the next generation can look up to and learn from.

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