Meet Our People: Berenice

Glen Carlou

Berenice Barker: International Business Manager

Berenice joined the Glen Carlou team in November 2017 as International Business Manager upon returning to South Africa after having lived and worked in the U.K.

Having studied and lived abroad for several years, Berenice likes to think of herself as more of an International Citizen, with roots deep in the South African Wine Industry. Her interest in wine however, started long before she called it her profession. A story of how friends, and a little go-getter attitude, really can change your life. If not for the eager relay of wine knowledge from a dear friend, a captain in the Navy at the time, Berenice would never have taken up the challenge to get some more wine knowledge herself; even if it was just to know more than the average guy beside her.

Today there is no question that the wine industry is where she belongs. In 2004 Berenice qualified as a Cape Wine Master, an illustrious title held by only a few. Her knowledge and passion for wine is contagious and often generously shared through her lectures at the Cape Wine Academy.

Berenice not only fluently speaks wine, but also has a great appreciation for the finer things in life – whiskey, jewels, art and the theatre. She does admit though, that tasting ‘not yet released wines’ from winemaker Johnnie, does bring with it an excitement not easily matched.

Whether it is sipping on the pure perfection of a 100 Parker point Vega Sicilia in Spain or a glass of the Glen Carlou Grand Classique overlooking the vineyards of South Africa – it is clear that good food and good wine in good places are some of her favourite things.

Be sure to look out for Berenice at an international wine fair near you.

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