Fire & Ice – The Dilemma of Oysters & Chardonnay


The Sommelier Journal staged a tasting recently with 30 international Chardonnays, paired with an array of Oysters at the Stillwater Fish House & Oyster Bar in Glacier National Park.  Annette helped us secure a spot in the tasting.

The article is worth a read for the insights it offers, and to discover that Glen Carlou Chardonnay was one of two overall favorites in the tasting.

An excerpt:

“After four hours of wine and oysters, the clearly favorite wine pairings were the South African Glen Carlou Chardonnay and the Lincort Steel Chardonnay from Sta. Rita Hills.

In fact, as the Glen Carlou hit the table, conversation stopped among the panel and the guttural, animal sounds of culinary pleasure wafted from man and woman alike.  Everyone searched

for the descriptor: ‘It’s the lime,’ uttered Gene Castellino, Wine Manager of Whitefish Liquor Store, through a slurp of leftover liquor from a Kusshi oyster.  ‘But it’s best with the Penn Cove

Oyster….’  In fact, if the wine stands well with the Penn Cove Select Oyster, it’s very likely to play well with many other varieties (of Oysters) as well.”

We are thrilled to have come out on top, it is a testament to Arco and Marius’ hard work in the cellar and vineyards and that our Chardonnay is appreciated wide and far.

You can read the full article bu clicking on this link. The SOMM Journal – April _ May 2015 Glen Carlou


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