Celebrating International Chardonnay Day with Glen Carlou

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As today is International Chardonnay Day (May 23, 2024), we at Glen Carlou are excited to share the unique craftsmanship that sets our Chardonnay apart. Renowned for being masters of Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon, Glen Carlou prides itself on innovative techniques and a deep understanding of our terroir.

The Unique Barrel Technique Behind Glen Carlou Chardonnay

One of the key elements that give Glen Carlou Chardonnay its distinctive character is our use of seasoned oak barrels crafted using the water-bending immersion technique. But what exactly is water bending?

Understanding Water Bending

Water bending involves soaking the staves (the individual wooden strips that form a barrel) in water before bending and toasting them. This method was initially developed to reduce stave wood breakage during the bending process. Traditionally, staves were heated over an open fire, which often resulted in significant waste due to breakage. By immersing the staves in water, they become more pliable, allowing them to bend without breaking.

The cooper (barrel maker), then toasts these staves using heat from a small fire. The heat is deeply and evenly conducted into the wood, creating a subtle and sophisticated spiciness that is unmatched by other methods. This process not only reduces oak tannins but also imparts a softer mouthfeel to the wine. 

The Impact on Glen Carlou Chardonnay

This meticulous approach to barrel crafting is a cornerstone of Glen Carlou’s winemaking philosophy. By reducing the oak tannin and toasting the oak more gently, we achieve richness and complexity in our Chardonnay without any overwhelming wood dominance. The result is a wine that is well structured, offering a true expression of our terroir.

Celebrating Chardonnay at Glen Carlou

As we celebrate International Chardonnay Day, we invite you to raise a glass of Glen Carlou Chardonnay. Experience the rich history, innovative techniques, and unwavering dedication that make our wine truly exceptional. Join us in toasting the mastery of Chardonnay, a legacy we proudly uphold at Glen Carlou.

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