Summer exhibition

Summer Exhibition

Three spectacular showcases on show in the Gallery @ Glen Carlou.


The inspiration for the Summer exhibition at the Gallery @ Glen Carlou is framed by three artists’ commentaries on significant current issues as they affect South Africa.  The exhibitions, curated by internationally acclaimed artist Pierre le Riche, opened on the 3rd of November and is viewable until mid-January 2020.

The Summer exhibition features thought-provoking solo exhibitions by Cathy Abraham, Rory Emmett and Michael Amery. The showcase addresses issues such as gender-based violence and land appropriation amongst others. Each, a personal journey and interpretation through a vast array of media.


‘A Deeper Kind of Nothing’ by Cathy Abraham

In her statement, Cathy explains her show title in the following manner: “Nothing is frequently associated with insignificance. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, to reduce to nothing is to consider or treat as worthless or unimportant. My interests lie in the power of what is deemed as this kind of nothing.”

This spectacular body of work shows that while an egg is one shape, it has infinite ways of breaking – resulting in infinite new shapes and mirroring one humanity with infinite ways of experiencing trauma. The installation Memorial features close to 7128 eggshells painted black – paying tribute to all who have been affected by Gender-Based Violence.

Cathy will be painting eggs and adding to the showcase every Sunday for the duration of the exhibition. We invite you to partake between 11:00 and 13:00.


‘All is not as though they were’ by Rory Emmett

Rory’s exhibition is a series of works produced from reconstructed and appropriated found objects and images he has collected over time. As an artist, he has intervened on the surface and shifted the formal structure to make something from seemingly ‘nothing’.

His body of work, comprising thoughts and sentiments expressed through various material manifestations, is a heartwarming journey to be enjoyed.


‘Fat of the Land’ by Michael Amery

Michael captures the global theme of his exhibition in the following sentence. “This is a collection of my ongoing observations and interpretations of the land, and of how humankind sees, controls and continues to exploit it.”

His work is divided into three sections: Geometrics, Monuments and Trees by Man – each featuring a distinct style, artistic technique and topic of land exploitation.

Monuments, for example, feature a showcase of works where real gold leaf was applied to paintings of sites of human-made landscapes, as a way to monumentalise humankind’s self-destructive industrial prowess.


Cape Town Etc magazine named Gallery @ Glen Carlou as one of their 10 favourite galleries to visit in and around Cape Town, featured alongside the Zeitz MOCAA, The Norval Foundation and the Young Blood Africa Gallery.

Our Gallery is open 7 days a week from 09:00 until 17:00 and only a 30-minute drive from Cape Town CBD.

Get in touch with Gallery Manager, Christa for more information or sales inquiries: gallery@glencarlou.co.za

Temporary Closure of the Visitor Centre from
29 December 2020

In accordance with Government mandates announced December 28th, we are required to close our Visitor Centre in totality. Our Restaurant, Tasting Centre and Art Gallery will not be accessible and remain shuttered until we are advised that operating is legally permitted again.

Please direct any enquiries to events@glencarlou.co.za or hello@glencarlou.co.za
Until we may wine again, take great care and stay well.

Glen Carlou COVID-19 Community Announcement Covid-19 information and updates are available on the Department of Health's online resource and news portal www.sacoronavirus.co.za

Glen Carlou COVID-19 Community Announcement
Covid-19 information and updates are available on the Department of Health's online resource and news portal www.sacoronavirus.co.za

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