Art in a Time of Weeping – Ingrid Winterbach

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Art in a Time of Weeping // Kuns in ‘n Tyd van Trane

A Solo Exhibition by Ingrid Winterbach

15 April – 26 July

Ingrid Winterbach is a visual artist and an award-winning novelist. Art in a Time of Weeping is a presentation of several series of paintings and drawings where Winterbach explores a wide array of themes – from desolate spaces, lessons in drawing, strelitzias, small paintings of abject spaces, to mining landscapes and portraits. In the artist’s own words:

I work obsessively, almost compulsively, in series. I see a series as a practice akin to the musical practice of variations on a theme. Exploring the possibilities of a single theme to its utmost.

Art in a Time of Weeping will be launched digitally on the 15th of April here on our website. A full catalogue will be available on the date.

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