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The life and work of Ingrid Winterbach

Ingrid Winterbach


Ingrid Winterbach is both a visual artist and an award-winning novelist. She lectured in the Art department at Stellenbosch University for thirteen years (1976-1990) and in the Afrikaans department at the University of Kwazulu-Natal for five years. She has been writing and painting full-time since 2002. After 22 years in Durban, she now lives in Stellenbosch with her painter husband, Andries Gouws.


I work almost obsessively in series. I see a series as a practice akin to the musical practice of variations on a theme. Exploring the possibilities of a single theme to its utmost.

In this new series I situate figures in enclosed spaces – mostly rooms, sketchily indicated with only a couple of lines and a door. From this door billows a strange, difficult to define shape – a shadow, a premonition. Who knows.

The figures are distorted to varying degrees.

Colour plays an important role – used must more exuberantly than in previous paintings.

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