Cathy Abraham


Cathy Abraham


Cathy Abraham was born in 1968 Cape Town, South Africa where she continues to live and work. She specialised in process-based art at the University of Cape Town’s Michaelis School of Fine Arts. She completed her Master’s in Fine Art in 2018 with the project titled A Deeper Kind of Nothing for which she obtained a distinction.

Abraham works systematically to unlock surface meaning in the search for a deeper understanding of the purpose of the everyday. Constantly questioning the lines between reality, fantasy and illusion compared with existence and death.


These works are a part of an ongoing series. I have used the repetitive marks my late mother made to cross out items in her diary. Erasure means that the task is done. The experience is complete. What is not diarised though, is the story that lies between those moments. Thinking about the many stories I can never tell; I began to use this form of mark making as a meditation and a way to trace the effect of those stories. Furthermore, these works are considering the gaps in the way stories are remembered, with attention to the stories that cannot be told.

Counting, forms a fundamental part of my artistic practice. Paying special attention to the numbers 9 and 18, I count the brush marks as a meditation. At first laden with paint the brush begins to make its mark yet eventually, it is only able to leave a fragmented residue. This ‘ghosting’ serves as a reminder of the consequences of the marks made in this world through actions. Ultimately the repetitive brushstrokes create their own illusion of form on the page.

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